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Welcome To ClubTaxi
Great job! Discover with a few clicks what your ClubTaxi in the Schiphol - Amsterdam Region costs. With ClubTaxi no hidden charges or extras that cost. You can travel prepaid (thus pay online), or pay in the taxi to the driver in cash or with card. Our online web widget helps you to request for the taxi you need, pick a Sedan, Station or Mini Van. Get a quote including an estimated travel time.

All online fare proposals from ClubTaxi are based on fixed pricing. No surprises. And if you experience any issue getting a (correct) quote online, or when you have general questions on how to go in and around Amsterdam or the Airport, receiving your remarks and/or questions (via the chat) will be appreciated.

Looking for a reliable taxi for going from and to Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Region? Reed more about airport transfers & city to city deals.
ClubTaxi: Without Hassle From A To B

ClubTaxi consists of a group Taxi Men from the Amsterdam region. To whom a night out, start of the holiday, or a business relationship can be entrusted. Day and night taxi service 7 days a week, also for rides from and to Schiphol AMS Airport. As a specialist in the region, ClubTaxi is able to depart at the agreed time 24/7 with the agreed taxi. Taxi Men of ClubTaxi are in possession of all national and local licenses.

Before you get in the taxi there is always agreement about the fare. A deal is a deal provided that there are no un-reported waiting times, stops, etc. The agreement with Club Taxi is about moving people, not that of a removal service, etc. You understand the reasonable.
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Sedan ClubTaxi 4 + 2
Estate ClubTaxi 4 + 4
ClubTaxi vervoert met Vito
About Luggage
Special Offers
Deviating (price) proposals (compared to the online widget) are valid for a maximum of 2 hours, unless otherwise agreed. Extension of the period is not always possible.

Key element in the service (The Promise) of ClubTaxi, and therefore also in case of special offers, is the agreed time of departure.
Schiphol - Amsterdam Starting At 22,- Euro 4 Passengers
Eindhoven Airport - Amsterdam 7 Passengers 150,- Euro.
Privacy & Cookies
To protectiyour privacy, your account will be removed from the central database of ClubTaxi after 6 months of inactivity.

Did you drive with ClubTaxi in the past year, but your account was deleted? Then join the operator in the chat box (when available), or else contact ClubTaxi by contact form or telephone to receive your loyalty discount.
Amsterdam Airport - Duinrell Wassenaar 55,- Euro
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