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Taxi Amsterdam, Transfers To Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

A transfer with a standard taxi or a mini bus from Amsterdam to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is well arranged with ClubTaxi. Whether you go on vacation or start a business trip. Pre-book a Sedan, Estate or Mini Bus and you'll travel at the agreed time.

  • Amsterdam City Centre <> Schiphol starting at 34 Euro
  • Amsterdam Sloterpark <> Schiphol starting at 28 Euro
  • Amsterdam Noord <> Schiphol starting at 39 Euro
  • Amsterdam Science Park <> Schiphol starting at 32 Euro
  • Amsterdam 9 Straatjes <> Schiphol starting at 32 Euro
  • Amsterdam RAI <> Schiphol starting at 29 Euro
  • Amsterdam ArenA Boulevard <> Schiphol starting at 32 Euro

A €5 Surplus For A Mini Bus
A Mini Bus from ClubTaxi is suitable for a maximum of 7 passengers. Picking the correct vehicle is important. The fare calculator helps you to customize.

A child seat or booster is available at no extra cost when requested at time of booking.

TIP for use Order Form
Make the most of the autocomplete function of the order form and start with house number, then street and then the city name. First time your destination appears select it, you can go straight to the next Box.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Taxi Transfers To Amsterdam

How To Go After Landing?
Actually what comes first is what to check befor flying? Please have WhatsApp installed on your mobile device. If you use another messenger service let us know by placing a remark using the web order form. But to avoid issues, at least use a messenger service that runs on internet. When you discover that you do not have international telephone service, you will be able to use the free WiFi from Amsterdam Airport.

If you want to shop because of closing hours elsewhere or take a bit of extra time just make a remark with minutes needed using the web order form.

ClubTaxi does monitor the actual landing times. Direct after landing you will receive the first message from your driver. The driver will check about luggage. Any pieces on the belt or hand luggage only? Important because the estimate pick-up time has to change accordingly if needed.

And things will go from there.

Standard procedures are based on a ‘drive by pick-up’. At the Pick-Up location stop and go is allowed, Parking is not. And stop and go means passengers stand ready before the pick-up vehicle arrives. Buffer places are away from the direct parameters of the Airport.

Ignore any taxi announcements that come over the speakers inside the Airport buildings. Those are meant to disturb ‘taxi hustlers’, and not the pre-booked taxi market. Do not follow the signs to the ‘official’ taxi stand or the driver will not be able to pick you up.

If you wish meeting inside the airport your driver will park the taxi and will come inside. The maximum fee for this service is Twice the Parking Fee with a maximum of 25 Euro. Considering the character of a maximum fee you are advised opting for this service not to prepay the fare including the 25 Euro. Because that part of the fare will be adjusted according the above. When you pay to the driver you can pay with cash and card.

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