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Taxi & Mini Bus Transfer To Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

A transfer with a standard taxi or a mini bus from Amsterdam to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is well arranged with ClubTaxi. Whether you go on vacation or start a business trip. Pre-book a Sedan, Estate or Mini Bus and you'll travel at the agreed time.

  • Amsterdam City Centre <> Schiphol starting at 34 Euro
  • Amsterdam Sloterpark <> Schiphol starting at 28 Euro
  • Amsterdam Noord <> Schiphol starting at 39 Euro
  • Amsterdam Science Park <> Schiphol starting at 32 Euro
  • Amsterdam 9 Straatjes <> Schiphol starting at 34 Euro
  • Amsterdam RAI <> Schiphol starting at 29 Euro
  • Amsterdam ArenA Boulevard <> Schiphol starting at 32 Euro

Maximum 10% Off Peak Discount For Rides Starting After 08.00AM
The fare calculated with the fare calculator represent a fixed fare. After acceptance you can choose to pay online, for example with Ideal or Credit Card. It is no problem if you want to pay in the taxi. Paying in the taxi to the driver is possible with Debit & Credit Card, or cash.

Just A €5 Surplus For A Mini Bus
A Mini Bus from ClubTaxi is suitable for a maximum of 7 passengers. Picking the correct vehicle is important. The fare calculator helps you to customize. If you have any doubts about your pick, first read about baggage. And if you remain in doubts, please contact us.

If you have special baggage such as one or more golf sets, a pram or walker, your booking request must show. Just like companionship of a pet.

A child seat or booster is available at no extra cost when requested at time of booking.

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24/7  Taxi Service At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

For arranging a taxi at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam you are at the right place, pre-booked or last-minute. Handy if you arrive in the middle of the night and are unexpectedly without transport. ClubTaxi is located at a 'stone's throw' from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Pre-booked or last-minute, for the fare it doesn't matter. As long as or as soon as a ClubTaxi is available, you travel for the current rate.

In case you pre-booked, immediately after landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you will receive a text message. Based on the latest information about your arrival, the instructions will guide you to your taxi. The taxi stands ready or is in the immediate area waiting.

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